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Moar Gwaine/Merlin

Another Gwaine/Merlin pic. My sis tells me I have no ship loyalty, but bah to her!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the season premier of Merlin! Lots of fun, and I felt that Arthur’s become a lot more likable too! My shipper heart wishes that Gwaine was the one doing all the things Lancelot did, but that is just me! :D :D The 4 seconds worth of Gwaine being adorable was pretty good too!

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Hoping for more Gwaine!
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Quick Gwaine/Merlin

Okay, jumping onto this ship now. *avoids rocks*
I don't know, I feel like Arthur has been increasingly unlikable in this show, and I actually like Gwaine a lot more now. I guess he wasn't too terrible in the season finale, but it was pretty hard to save his character. I chalk it up to writer inconsistency, but it was really hard for me to root for Arthur when I'm mostly agreeing with Morgana, Morgause, Gilli, etc.

/unpopular opinion

Anyway, so a quick Gwaine/Merlin sketch! How I love these two!

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Open for Commissions


I am finding myself a little short on cash, so in the stead of baking delectable-yet-fatal pastries (for the good of mankind, my sister tells me. What does she know about baked-goods?), I am thus

Open for commissions!

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A poster I put together so I would have something new for Cos and Effect this upcoming weekend! I will be in the Artist Alley, so please drop by and say hi if you’re going! :)

I’ve been going through a little bit of a magician craze in the last little while, so I had this story idea I’ve been entertaining, but I don’t think I’ll ever have time to draw it… Also, I suck at writing so it’s a bunch of scenes instead of a coherent story. :I schumers helped me come up with the type on the poster cause I just suck at writing anything at all.

Anyway, I guess the story would be a love triangle between a magician, his assistant, and the art of illusion.

I might post some sketches later! :D The magician is named William Ryan and his assistant/designer (the fellow on the couch) is named Elias Wrighton.
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Shamelessly self indulgent comics!

A short little comic we did about Colin and Solder, from before the Jinx Wars and Colin actually had friends friend. kheradihr might've noticed that my kink consists of 2 parts:

1. Men in suits.
2. Men bleeding (in each other's arms).

Actually no one is in suits in this comic, so I just decided that everyone's Colin's going to bleed a lot.

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As usual, please check out our webcomic here or here

I was talking to schumers about one of the later chapters, and it went something like this:

schumers: So, I was thinking that [at some point later] Lucas can get hit with a hex.

Me: Okay. Can he get really banged up and walk with a limp?

schumers: If he does, I'm going make Usual Suspect jokes every second I can.

Me: Can he bleed?

schumers: Yeah he can bleed. Poor Lucas is always bleeding.

Me: ...Sweet.