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06 June 2008 @ 12:33 am
If anyone gives a shit about the webcomic that I run, then here is some news!

We're now taking pre-orders for the (schumie said I have to pitch this well, so I'm gonna pitch it like I would a baseball in the heat of summer) AMAZING, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, FABULOUS HONEYSYN VOL 1 TRADE PAPERBACK.

It is FAH-bulous!
It will also be around 130 pages ( a few more, it'll probably end with around 140 pages), of b w interior and coloured cover.
The cost of the FAH-bulous thing is 13.99 CAD plus shipping ($6.40 CAD no matter where you are). For everyone who's asking, this translates to around $20.00 USD, not including paypal's exchange fees.

And, (I forgot to say this last time so I better say it this time) it will also have extras. Lots of them. Like... extra comics, extra information on the main characters and side characters, and little tiddlybits of stuff you probably never knew you wanted to know until you already know it.

And also a short story (essay?) on how the hell Josh got where he did. It's good, I swear on my sister's first born.

AND, (here's the good part) everyone who preorders will also get a free post-card. For free! It's a seekret post card, so it's not made from any of the images you've ever seen. AND IT'S FREE. And it's only for pre-orders, I may sell the post cards after, but I doubt it.

So, if you're interested, click this mighty button!

The book is now sold out! Thanks for all your support!

Note: And if you want to buy more than one copy (huh? huh? *wink wink nudge nudge*), please hang in there until I figure out how much shipping costs. I'll try to post more information ASAP!

Oh yes, if you're wondering why it says "by autobrig" on the cover, it's because schumie and I are collectively known as autobrig.
...Yeah, I know that we didn't tell anyone, but now you know, if you ever wanted to know. :/


Lots of people have been asking me the same questions, so I figured I'd make an F.A.Q. Please take a look!

I live in (insert country of choice), how much do I have to pay for shipping?
The shipping is $6.40 no matter where in the world you are.

How much is the book in USD?
CAD and USD are about at par right now, and the book costs around $20.00 total, not including paypal exchange rates.

How much is the book in (insert currency of choice)?
To find out how much the book costs in any other currency, please use this nifty Universal Currency Converter

How long are preorders up for?
Honestly, I'm not very sure. Right now it's looking to be the middle of July

How long will the order take to get here?

I can't use paypal, can I send a money order and/or cash?
Sure, please send $20.39 CAD (or USD, if it's too big of a hassle to get CAD) to:

530 Bournemouth Crescent
North Vancouver, BC
V7H 2G5

Please please please make sure to put your return address/shipping address on it, or else you won't get your book! And also write the date on it, so anything sent before the pre-order cutoff date can still count as a preorder.

Also: Please do not send me anthrax! I mean it!
You're welcome to send me post cards and doodles and stuff if you feel like it though, I'd really like that. :D

Can I get it autographed?
This is tricky. As Schumie and I live on opposite sides of the border, you'll have to wait until August to get it signed by the both of us. If you only want it to be signed by me (Nuu), then leave me a message with which email you paid with. If you want it to be signed by both of us, leave me a message with a note that you don't mind waiting until august, and tell me which email you paid with.

How much of the story is in the book?
The book contains chapters 1-5.

Can I pre-order and pick it up at Anime Evolution (and skip the shipping?)
Sure you can! Just send $14.88 (the extra money is to cover the paypal fee that was covered in shipping) to pyro.jack@gmail.com and make a note in it that you want to pick it up at the con, and I'll save you a copy!

Can I pay you at the con?
Sure, but you'll have to do a monkey dance so that I know that you preordered and you're not trying to gyp me.

How long will you be selling the book?
Until it sells out? I honestly have no idea how long that would take.

Aaand, that seems to be it. Hopefully I've answered your question!